The first and only company to connect health and entertainment through technological innovation.

Stayhealthy’s mission is to empower, inspire, and give hope to individuals, families, and communities to become healthier by providing lifestyle solutions using enhanced engagement technology and a global community wellness network. Founded in 1995, the company has been an industry leader at the intersection of health and wellness.

Stayhealthy is the first and only company to connect health and entertainment through technological innovation.

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With our patented AR technology, we pride ourselves on developing groundbreaking, custom-branded campaigns and creating interactive augmented reality experiences.

The scientifically proven Diet Free Life method teaches people how to eat the right proportions and combinations of foods to control your blood sugar levels and keep your body in Fat Burning Mode.

A magical look inside the human body. Color, learn, and discover fun characters that come to life in your exciting augmented reality quest for health!

Designed by cancer experts, OWL is the first personalized, scientifically proven program that combines the 4 requirements  (cancer & health education, healthy eating, daily activity, mindful lifecycle) critical to helping you prevent cancer & other diseases.

HDLNR (pronounced Headliner) uses patented AR technology to create life-like 3D performances that are viewable anywhere through a mobile device.

Play Portal is the most advanced AR kiosk on the market. We have combined all the best features of your favorite social media platforms and created a fully customizable, all-in-one solution for your next party or event. Say goodbye to that old photo booth and hello to Play Portal!

The Snack Town All Stars introduce children to a world of fun dances and exercises with all their favorite Color Quest characters.

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